Dear God: please bless each of these dear ones. Fill every life with hope and joy. Give strength and comfort to all who are seeking renewed health. Lead, guide, and direct those who are navigating unknown territory. Heal all fears and inner wounds. And let each and all know that your love enfolds them in every moment. Amen.

Anna C.; Kathleen; Baby Hope; Sean O. and Family; the Cuba Family; Mayra G.; Champion; Cristina P.; Nayda R., MRR; Louis B.; CF; Pamela A.; Russ D.; those with the holiday blues;Emma; Christy; Jamie; Rick; Courtney; Louie; the Lewis family; Ken P.; Marty; Jeffrey; Alice; Alex; Emily; Peter; Rod; EW; AGW; Barbara & Amanda; SK; MAL; Grant; Grace; Carlos; Marion W. & DCP; Judy; Nicole; Marion G.; Mike; RP; Arthur V.;Scott R.; Scott A.; Jean M.; Carl; Peggy; Barbara H.; Troy P.


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