People say
“I don’t hate gay people”
But they do.
You see past what they say.
And see from their conduct, the reality.
They do hate gay people.
So you know they are liars and murderers.

Behind the facade …
It’s the reality of humans.

Christians and the general population
have perpetrated a Holocaust against
gay people. That’s why all persons are
listed for the lake of fire and none are saved.
The cruelty, wickedness and evil you have
put into what you’ve done is mindblowing.
Your co-operation with Satan is total.

The clock is ticking.

You have 29 days left to repent of your
mass murder. Then the Lord will deliver
the consequences of your stiff-necked
attitude to murdering His children and
refusing to do anything about it – after
five years of warnings, teachings and
explanations from His prophet. You have
been told hundreds of times that you
are engaged in a socially, politically and
religiously executed mass murder of young
people, and your response has been a
stiff necked refusal to engage, repent or
change. So, expect devastating consequences
from The Lord.

Jonathan Carr

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