Thank you Jesus, thank you lord, thank you our father in heaven,

Hallelujah to the angels in heaven for watching over Reba. God bless Reba and forgive her for turning her back on you when you called her. Jesus have mercy upon her soul. Work miracles in her life, let her see the throne of forgiveness. Lord, thank you for carrying Reba at her weakest. Thank you lord for touch her mind and heart to look upon your throne of mercy. Jesus, sometimes it’s hard to keep on our path that you have provided, forgiveness and love is so powerful, yet our minds is full of sin. Jesus, loves you Reba, the lord is working a miracle in your life right now. Our powerful God in heaven have protected your parents down through the years and only our lord in heaven can wash away all sins. Thank you Jesus for breaking the chain of sin. Thank you lord, praises will continually be in the mouths of all Christians. Be born again and let God cleanse your life. In Jesus name Amen

Matthew 8:7 “And Jesus saith unto him, I will come and heal him”

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