God bless asm and Dan,

Lord bow down and hear this prayer of courage for asm. Lord, although you have blessed asm with a wonderful life and a son that was once a help toward their life, now elderly, their son need you father God to step into his life and lead him on his own path. Jesus, hear my prayer for asm, hear my prayer, oh lord, I know just the touch of your hem, just a look have turned sin away, Jesus I’m asking for your help in this situation with these elderly parents. Release their son from them, bless them abundantly without fear, without worry, without financial problems, Lord only you we can count on because you promised us that you will always be here for us. Jesus thank you for putting a hedge of protection around asm and her husband. Lord, thank you, hallelujah bless your name thank you lord, blessing unto this family right now. Time is an essence and a blink away for our God, only God bring life into our lives. Let our God in heaven be present in this family lives.

1 Peter 1:22 “Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently:”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
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