I need a transaction with Christ, as the man posessed by an unclean spirit in the scripture. I have struggled with my demons for 15 years, repeatedly going back to the lust of the flesh. I have let the Lord down, let my wife down, let my family and the congregation down.
The Lord came in to that mans life and commanded the spirit to go out from him. Can this happen in my life?
I feel so dead, as the scripture says ‘a woman taken in self indulgence is dead whilst living’. This is me.
I have hurt those who love me the most so many times, just to gratify my own lust. I need a real conversion.
I ask the Lord, please come in, I have no power against my demons, I have no peace, I have no strength.
Help me, that I may never go back again.
The scripture says, let the filthy be filthy still. I do not want to end up in the lake of fire. HELP ME LORD!

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