O Lord, it is possible for You to give righteousness to Your servants (Alexandra, Michail, Maria; Milana, Alexey, Kristina; Artem, Rodion, Olesya; Dmitry, Artem, Ekaterina; Sophia, Miron, Svetlana, Andrey, Karina; Andrey, Pavel, Anna); (Ksenya, Marina, Oleg; Tatyana; Arseny, Anastasya, Eugeny; Sophia, Nikita, Sergey, Ulia, Eugeny, Sergey; Anna, Konstantin, Ulia, Timothy, Alla); do this to him, visit Your fallen servants with Your ineffable love for humanity, so that the work of Your hand may not perish to the end. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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