Sometimes our journey takes us into dark place and the ‘wrong sort’ of company… but surely these are the people that need it most?… it matters not if you are from above, below or the middle ground as long as you remain true to your belifes and never cross the true laws of the land.

Never Harm an innocent
Judge lest ye be judged
Do unto others…

“A spear in brother chest is a spear in my own”… – Surak of Vulcan – I.D.I.C

A fictional race that nearly wiped itself out due to their firey emotional nature.
Those with great anger inside them must alway be careful not to fall under the shadow of hate, cruelty, spite and meglomania

Such a prideful crown will end up dashed on hard ground… if not by your own efforts then that of world around you…

God is everywhere… he knows our tricks and sly moves… you can’t fool him… he’s like a mother… eyes everywhere…

Sara Margaret Jones - Ordained 5/6/1999 - Church of Santa - Ryde Isle of Wight

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