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think I fixed that. Gender USED to be a custom setting. It's a new setting in this version, so they had it twice, but the one they added wasn't set to be changable. Deleted the older setting.

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With an avatar like that, you're having gender issues????


Hmmm. Better check my profile, too....



Haha. Well I think my husband is convinced. But then I cannot use the same methods of convincing here can I. tongue.gif

Thanks Murph.

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It would be nice if they ever used attractive happy people to talk on camera.

Good grief don't people understand that the older you are the more a smile takes years off your face.

I knew a 72 year old that could pass for 45 and it was because she refused to frown unless she was 3 days exhausted. Her hands were wrinkled and she had the normal extra pounds that come with age; but her face was rarely in makeup and was that of a younger woman... She was very attractive for someone old enough to be my grandmother. It was also funny when she got carded for her senior citizen's discount only a couple months before she passed on. I think she got a kick out of it too except that she had to go out to the car to get her ID or the guy wouldn't give her her discount at the buffet.

People that want to convince everyone that a different way of living is OK or even Good should learn to at least look happy and smile. Remember God loves you.

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