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    i like to read tarot cards i do a great job of it For myself: I am Wiccan because it calls to me in ways no other religion has (and I spent about 4 years between being an active Catholic and choosing to find a Wiccan group to study and work with, making sure I'd really thought about my choices.)<br /><br />The work - such as I do in ritual- is something I have not found in any other religion. There are places where general Wiccan cosmology may not be consistent: for the group I work with, our cosmology generally ties into many different aspects of how things work.<br /><br />When we find a place that's not developed enough, it gets worked on - much the way early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam had to. To compare a religion that's half a century old, in terms of complexity of thought and structure and practices to ones that are a millenia or more is always going to find you some holes.<br /><br />But what attacts me - besides having ritual leadership opportunities many religions would still deny me, based on my gender, and the option to create meaningful liturgy (which very few religions do much of) - is that I'm not particularly interested in universal truth. I'm interested in truth for me. Does something help me be a better person? Does it give me joy, and help me celebrate? Does it support me through the hard times?<br /><br />I'm really not sure how you can judge a religion meaningfully on anything else, myself (and again, having been active in other religions previously). If a religion does not, fundamentally, make the core of your being sing and resonate... then it's at the very least risking being simply meaningless ritual, something down for show and not for benefit. If you hold your religion at arm's length, poking and prodding it for 'truth' or 'verification', then you never get a chance to *feel* what's going on.<br /><br />Been there, done the ivory tower academic and rational analysis thing. Give me the feelings and the pull towards the flame, give me a way to celebrate the summer sun and the winter's chill winds. Give me the joy of feeling the presence of my Gods, their touch and their blessing. Give me, for that matter, the amazing experience of having them *speak* directly to me.<br /><br />I get that other people do different things - and traditional or old-school Wicca is a *lot* of hard work, even if it should be joyful work. But ... me, I wouldn't choose anything else.<br /><br /> <br /><br /><br />A Wiccan, a loving mother and perpetual student of life, background is a rich mixture of the Metaphysics, Sociology and Psychology. May the Blessing Be upon you!
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