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  1. This is exactly what I have been saying. We need to convince all the groups we would not be a threat to their autonomy Forget the wording, as a modern creation, some do not believe it should have any place at all. The last thing we need is the heretic hunting that would result from that. Look to the GLBT organizations to answer the first question. For the second, its been done for centuries. Some sort of business model would probably work best. Exactly. The fear of some that going public will result in a reprise of the "burning times" does not take into account the change in culture here a
  2. Rev. H
  3. I think right here is the source of the "Wiccan/Witch" controversy. Most witches who do not identify as wiccan or one of the other religions associated with the craft consider being a witch a way of life. Religion, to them, is beside the point. Thus an organization headed by a Wiccan elder makes them nervous. I was involved with dealing with "fluffies" online. It usually degenerated into name calling which helped no one. However, I began to notice that after a confrontation with "fluffs" we had this feeling of superiority in knocking them down. That should not be what these interactions are a
  4. That is the history of Stregaria. Italian witchcraft for those who do not know. Its survival depended on going underground, having both groups and individuals, and having the gathered knowledge broken up and held by specific groups and individuals so that the loss of a group to christian persecution would not result in the loss of all the knowledge. My first unofficial teacher was strega. Two things I learned from that are they never forgive or forget an injury against them and anyone who does things differently from their way, even if it works, is wrong. Having been forged up close to the fir
  5. You are dealing with POV here. As I said in my last post, paganism today is individualistic in the extreme and it is hard to accept that any umbrella group can adequately represent the wants and needs of all individuals. compromise is viewd as laying down one's Free Will. Also, Compromise is not possible at this time because there is a pervading mistrust in the pagan community brought about by lack of communication, miscommunication and ridiculous arguments over Wiccan/Witch and who's a fluff. We must focus on opening lines of communication before we can act together. Rev. H
  6. Tried is indeed the key word here. Every umbrella orginazation that has has come into being to act as a council for pagans (a more inclusive term though it has its own baggage) has failed, been ripped apart by politics and theological debate and what remains of them are now little more than regional organizations with no clout outside their area. I believe that all the pagan paths have within their core a localism, for some an individualism, that makes a national or international governing body antithetical. What I believe is needed is an organization dedicated to providing a means of communic
  7. Much ado over nothing? Bet a few stations refuse to show it. Rev. H
  8. Of course they'll only show the christian view of the end when they focus on religion. Rev. H
  9. Rev. H
  10. Rev. H
  11. I think this guy is reaching. Rev. H
  12. Rev. H
  13. Rev. H
  14. Ban Da Vinci Code, says Philippine official Da Vinci Code release sparks calls for fatal hunger strikes in India Rev. H
  15. I wonder if these guys are getting paid under the table to increase the hype for the movie. Rev. H