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  1. I just come here when I want to howl at the Moon. The ULC is Halloween year around!
  2. Happy Heretic,, Your brother is not responsible for what - you - feel. Therefore, the problem is with you. Why does he have to live up to your expectations in order for you not to be angry with him and accept him ? He is your brother, good, bad or ugly. You pointed out his flaws, not his better qualities. You said your angry atleast 3 times. You never said, you loved him - much less unconditionally. Interesting. Get over yourself and stop holding him responsible for your feelings.
  3. Sounds like you're on top of the game - ROCK ON!
  4. Core to quitting smoking is you have to want to. It's not something one can be pressured into by their physician or peers - it doesn't work. You simply have to want to. If you are indeed wanting to quit (no reservations), you will. Nothing is stronger than will power, and you've got that Murph. I think you could run for President - and not get the shellacking Obama did. You will inspire those here looking to quit, by your determination and perseverance.