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The information contained in this directory is provided by the individual ministers themselves. No warranty or endorsement is expressed as to the training, competence, integrity, or any other quality of the ministers listed here. Use of this information for any use other than that for which it is intended is prohibited. This minister directory is not connected in any way to the official ordination records.

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Benedict, CodyWindsor Nova ScotiaCanadaSend message
Bowman, SabrinaWindsorPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Burgess, LawrenceWindsorConnecticutUnited StatesSend message
Johnson, CaseyWindsorColoradoUnited StatesSend message
Finch, ThomaswindsorNew YorkUnited StatesSend message
Bellobuon, SuzannewindsorCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
calegari, JohnWindsorCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Moller, GregWindomMinnesotaUnited StatesSend message
Clarke, DavidWindhamMaineUnited StatesSend message
smith, tylerWindhamOhioUnited StatesSend message
Clarke, DavidWindhamMaineUnited StatesSend message
Russell, JoannaWindhamNew HampshireUnited StatesSend message
Pearson, AdamWindermereFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Flint, William TylerWindermereFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Nash, GaryWinderGeorgiaUnited StatesSend message
Kuykendall, IrisWinderGeorgiaUnited StatesSend message
Tollerson, ThomWinderGeorgiaUnited StatesSend message
Welliver, DD, PhD, Rev. Dr, CarlWinchesterMassachusettsUnited StatesSend message
SHAFFER, JOHNWINCHESTERVirginiaUnited StatesSend message
Ruballos, KennyWinchesterCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Sather, GregoryWinchesterWisconsinUnited StatesSend message
Johnson, GregWinchesterCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Buckingham, DonaldWinchester VirginiaUnited StatesSend message
Berry, MarkWinchesterNot ApplicableUnited KingdomSend message
Walter, JohnWinchesterVirginiaUnited StatesSend message
Maier, Cole AdamsWinchesterKentuckyUnited StatesSend message
Furze, JamesWinchesterNot ApplicableEngland (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)Send message
Berry, David AllenWinchesterKentuckyUnited StatesSend message
Tucker, RichieWinchesterIndianaUnited StatesSend message
Haddix, BrianWinchesterKentuckyUnited StatesSend message
Susman, DavidWinchendonMassachusettsUnited StatesSend message
Harrison, RyanWinamacIndianaUnited StatesSend message
Mayo, MatthewwimberleyTexasUnited StatesSend message
Morris, RebeccaWimberleyTexasUnited StatesSend message
Wilcox, PeterWimaumaFloridaUnited StatesSend message
maxwell, brucewilton manorsFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Kerlin, GregWiltonNew YorkUnited StatesSend message
Aly, MaryWiltonConnecticutUnited StatesSend message
Pitkin, JackelynWiltonWisconsinUnited StatesSend message
spencer, normanWiltonMaineUnited StatesSend message
owen-greene, markWilson's CreekNot ApplicableAustraliaSend message
Krueger, StevenWilsonvilleOregonUnited StatesSend message
england, chaneWilsonvilleOregonUnited StatesSend message
Nichol Seamons, ManenaWilsonvilleOregonUnited StatesSend message
Bracey, DuncanWIlsonNorth CarolinaUnited StatesSend message
Sallenger, JohnWilsonNorth CarolinaUnited StatesSend message
Leaf, SarahWilsonWisconsinUnited StatesSend message
Soto, OsvaldoWilsonNorth CarolinaUnited StatesSend message
DeLancey, ChristopherWilsonNorth CarolinaUnited StatesSend message
Curtis, LeroyWilsonNorth CarolinaUnited StatesSend message

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