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This is not a comprehensive listing of all ULC ministers!

Only those who have asked to be listed publicly are included here. If you are looking for your name and don't find it, you may click here for additional information. You may register here, or click here to update your existing directory listing. Forget your password? click here.

The information contained in this directory is provided by the individual ministers themselves. No warranty or endorsement is expressed as to the training, competence, integrity, or any other quality of the ministers listed here. Use of this information for any use other than that for which it is intended is prohibited. This minister directory is not connected in any way to the official ordination records.

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Henderson, GeorgeVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Gauf, AlfredVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Griffin-Smith, StephanieVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Read, ChristopherVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Pousette, Roland "Ron"VancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Garner, Luther (Skip)VancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Meacham, Colin FrancisVancouverBritish ColumbiaCanadaSend message
Allen, NanetteVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Reddington, CharleneVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
martin, robertvancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Shackle, DavidVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
schwartz, marvinvancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Ertel, JohnVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
McClenahan, EricvancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Russell, BrianVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Utter, JosephVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Henry, TonyaVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
morom, jotidharma douglasvancouverBritish ColumbiaCanadaSend message
Black, VernonVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
christianson, christophervancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Smith, RobertVancouverBritish ColumbiaCanadaSend message
Diamesis, Nick (Niko)VancouverBritish ColumbiaCanadaSend message
Keffer, HansVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
VanRavenswaay, RichardVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Westervelt, WilliamVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Campbell, Jessica LynnVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Allison, DanielVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Westerfield, SusanVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
James, ThomasVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Camacho, DeniseVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Northup, ScottVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Mapes, SterlingvancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Johnson, M.J.VancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Morley-Smith, KarenVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Birk, Robert DanielVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Hogan, KeithVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Balderson, TroyVancouverBritish ColumbiaCanadaSend message
Rainey, ShawnVANCOUVERWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Nunn, Leisa vancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Jackson, WilliamVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Woodruff, RoseVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Nelson, DanielVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Walden, DinaVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Batie, StevenVANCOUVERBritish ColumbiaCanadaSend message
Johnson, DamianVancouverBritish ColumbiaCanadaSend message
Lenz, Lisa VancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Davey, Aaron-BlairVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Shropshire III, HubertVandaliaOhioUnited StatesSend message
Salazar, ChristopherVandaliaIllinoisUnited StatesSend message
Borowski, RobertVandergriftPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message

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