The power of prayer has been proven time and again. This mystical channel to the limitless power of the universe is further strengthened when prayers are shared and joined in by others.

You may post your prayer request here, where it will be available to other visitors as well as our pastoral staff. We encourage you to share in the prayers of others posted here as well. You may also use this area to tell us about answers to prayers you have received.

Please be considerate of others by keeping your postings appropriate for public posting. Respect the privacy of others. Do not include last names in your prayer requests, or any other information that would make the person identifiable.

If you prefer, you may email a private prayer message to the pastor.

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O Lord God, we believe that there is nothing to hard for You. Please light the path for the person listed below and guide him conce
ing the promises of his heart. With You, Mighty Father, all things are possible. AMEN.
Bible Note: (2 Peter 3:9).

Oct 3, 2015 | Send message


May the light of the path of those before me guide me on the road to stability and self-sufficiency. My prayers focus now on moving out of my mother's home and into a place of my very own. This situation is toxic and I need to be free of it if I am to move forward in my life.

Blessed Be.

Oct 3, 2015 | Send message


God bless the soul who cries out for forgiveness and obedience for her father.

Oh lord, I know it's hard to lose someone YOU love in this case (wife and mother). Please Jesus, this father needs YOUR mercy right now. The daughter asked for YOUR presence in their life. Thank you Jesus for guidance and wondrous wisdom. I want to intercede on behalf of this servant to first restore her fathers mind with peace. Jesus, please touch his icy heart and melt his sinful ways. I thank you lord for restoring this fathers spirit with YOUR spirit and humbleness. Jesus YOU are the light of the world, and Christians lean on YOUR word for strength, guidance and understanding. Jesus look upon this family who is desperately need YOUR healing power right now. Place Christians in their life to fellowship and restore this family faith. Lord please place protective covering around, below, above the innocent, and give ALL a chance to love one another again. In Jesus name I pray
(Mathew 11:28)


Sister Melaney

Oct 3, 2015


Please help me pray for my father's peace of mind and ease of spirit. He and my mother were married for 48.8 years before my mother died of from breast cancer in January 2014. My father and my son are the people who found my mother after she passed. Since that day my father has been a different person. He is the not the good hearted man he used to be. He is now dating a women who is terrible person who beats our dog when he is not looking, tells lies about me and is horrible to me for no reason whatsoever. I have prayed and prayed and even tried to "ask my mother's spirit" to somehow intervene and force him to see what a terrible person this girlfriend is. --To be clear, I want him to date and I have enjoyed some of the women he's introduced to us. But this one, call her "Jude", is odd and just plain mean. I have tried to set him up with other women before, but for some reason this woman hold him in thrall.

My father has become a drunken violent stranger who (while I was at work) recently held a gun to my son autistic son's head after my son asked my father why he continues to see this mean woman. Please help. Please pray for my father that he opens his eyes and see what has happened to him, and go back to even a semblance of the once kind, caring person he used to be. Many, many thanks.

Oct 2, 2015


Lord, as we come before You today delighting in Your presence we ask for Your divine guidance. You know the desires of our hearts-to know, love, and live in You. Show us the way You want us to go. Give us the courage to face the future knowing that because You go before us we need never be afraid. AMEN.
Bible Note: (Psalm 37:4).

Oct 2, 2015 | Send message


Heavenly Father, that person's "Son" is struggling with addiction has caused great pain in his life as well as others. We believe You can set him free from addiction through Christ our Deliverer. AMEN.
Bible Note: (Galatians 5:1).

Oct 1, 2015 | Send message


Lord, please help my son who is battling addiction.

Sep 30, 2015


Father, Show the unmarried "Son" ways to practice Your kind of love even NOW! while he is single. He shall only love and marry the person You have chosen for him. In Jesus' Name, I Do Pray! AMEN.
Bible Note: (Proverbs 21:1).

Sep 30, 2015 | Send message


Lord, Your Word declares that Your eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Yourself strong on behalf of those that are loyal to You. "Paul" needs healing from his chest problems and "Bea" needs to be relieved from the flu. Please send relief NOW!, Lord. They shall forever acknowledge You as the Source of their healing. AMEN.
Bible Note: (Psalm 119:50).

Sep 30, 2015 | Send message

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