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Portable / Emergency Communion Set - $39.95
You provide the wine/juice and host wafers
Compact enough to fit in your vehicle glove box, this is perfect for the minister who wants to be prepared for a crisis, where you might be called upon to offer communion or last rites on the spur of the moment.  It is also well suited for visits to hospitals, nursing homes, or anywhere you might be called upon to perform this sacerdotal rite. 

  • Stamped Cross on Leather-Look Cover
  • Velveteen Lined
  • 4 Glass Cups
  • Aluminum Host Box
  • 1.6 oz. Juice Bottle
  • 5 7/8" x 5"
  • Add a dark red stole, just $14.95 including storage case 
  • Portable / Emergency Communion Set - $39.95

    Stole Storage Case - $7.95
    (stole not included)

    A great solution to keep your stoles clean from dirt and dust.

    • See-through vinyl
    • Sturdy snap closure
    • 6" x 16" L, 1 1⁄2" Gusset
    Stole Storage Case - $7.95

    Vial of Holy Water from the Jordan River - $4.95
    Sealed glass vial contains consecrated Holy Water from the Jordan River.  

    Perfect for special occasion use, or to store with your emergency response kit.

    (1 7/8" tall vial)
    Vial of Holy Water from the Jordan River - $4.95

    Holy Water bottle - $4.95

    Frosted bottle with combination sprinkler and refill screw cap.

    Features unique locking spout mechanism on cap to safely hold holy water.

    Gold emblem. Moulded  4 oz

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    Holy Water bottle - $4.95

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    Holy Water Bottle Keychain - $4.95

    Molded plastic container contains 15 ml of Holy Water that has been specially consecrated and blessed.   Attached to a sturdy metal keychain.

    Suitable for all-purpose use in blessings, communion, baptism, and other rituals.

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    Holy Water Bottle Keychain - $4.95




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