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PLEASE NOTE: Additions and changes to your directory listing will not be reflected in the official records of the church. The directory listing is entirely separate from the official records. If you need to make changes to your official church record, please visit "Change record"

Your email address will not be displayed on the page, in order to help guard against spam. However, you may still receive inappropriate email messages, requests for donations, etc. Email sent to you through the directory listing will not be reviewed by anyone at ULC, and we cannot protect you from scammers. No one will be able to know your email address unless you respond to their message, so please don't reply to any inappropriate message you might receive.

Please note that the information you submit here is not encrypted during transmission and storage. Once approved, it will be visible to the public and is thereby excluded from our privacy policy. It is also likely to be indexed by search engines such as Google. Once it is indexed, we cannot remove it from the search engine indexes, although you may contact individual search engines to request removal. For your safety, do not use the same password for your directory listing that you use anywhere else.

Also, note that including your phone number is entirely optional. If you do include it, your phone number will be listed in the directory and you may receive phone calls from strangers! If you prefer to avoid this possibility, simply do not include your phone number in your listing.

Once you have submitted your information for the listing, we will have to approve it before it will appear. We must do this for all listings, in order to protect the directory from spammers. Also, any time you make a change to your listing in the future, it will disappear temporarily until we have approved it for publication. We try to do this often, but please be patient, especially if you submit your listing on or near a weekend or holiday.

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