If you do not find a listing for yourself in the directory, most likely it is because you have not yet created one. Click here to add your listing.

  • The directory is not a comprehensive listing of all ULC ministers
  • The actual ordination records are confidential, and will never be displayed publicly
  • The ULC has always been a careful guardian of your privacy
  • Your ordination record resides only in the church database in Modesto, California 
  • The official church records contain over 22 million ordination records
  • The ULC Online Directory includes only those ULC ministers who have chosen to publicly post their listing here
  • Your email address will not be displayed, but a link will be provided where people can email you through our system
  • If you receive unwanted email as a result of your listing, please report it to us.  Do not report it as spam
  • Reporting email you receive from the directory as spam will affect our ability to send mail
  • We receive notifications of all spam reports and will remove your listing if you report us as spam
  • If you previously created a listing for yourself but have forgotten your password, click here
  • If you have changed your email since registration, you may send an email request to have your existing listing deleted. Simply create a new listing and email us to remove the old one
  • Many ministers like to include a link to their "ULC Web Page" as a link from their own web site
  • You should also be aware that when you change your address in the directory, it does not make the change automatically to your official church record
  • Likewise, changes you make to your official church record will not be automatically updated in your listing in the online directory
  • Changes to your official church record must be submitted separately
  • Click here to update your address in the official church files
  • If you have questions that aren't answered here, contact us at support.ulc.net


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