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Name: annie willow
City: Galveston
State: Texas
Country: United States
Phone: 409-392-8808
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Church: None
Occupation: self employed - energy worker, life coach, dream weaver, business & marketing consultant, skin c
Services Performed: weddings, funerals, personal ceremonies to celebrate life, my passion in life that has brought me here is spreading happy thoughts of love, peace and light to everyone so all spirits can be free to dream, believe, soar and achive
This I Believe: i believe in a divine spirit that is a group consensus of all energy, beliefs and love in the universe. i trust in the master plan and know that everything happens for a really good reason - a higher and better purpose. i love that there are so many different belief systems in our world. each belief system has a life lesson for us to learn and live by. all of us are unique individuals, beautiful original works of art created from colorful and rare threads from many different cultures, lifestyles, environments and way of life. energy is everything and everything is energy then quantum logic proves that we are all woven together offering the universe a magic carpet ride of love, peace and light. i always thought there would be more funds to help others if the churches shared a building together. different days of worship, different belief systems, different individuals all working together to help the divine spirit with the ultimate gift of love to all - peace. inner peace, world peace, peace on earth. ahh maybe tomorrow - i will never relent on my dream of converting tears of fear into happiness and joy. if we could all let go of all negative emotions, feelings and attitudes for 10 seconds and replace those undesirable thoughts with love, peace and light - oh imagine the tidal wave of happiness that would flood our hearts and souls, setting our spirits free! i have hope and i believe. everyday is a beautiful day in the universe and i am grateful for every moment - thank you.
Favorite Quote: listen, learn, let go and live... so with love peace and light in your heart your spirit is free to... dream, believe, soar and achieve! annie willow

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