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Name: Fr. John Holmes
City: Aberystwyth
State: None
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: None
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Church: Church of the Continuing Anglo-Catholic Tradition
Occupation: Priest
Services Performed: baptism, and funerary rites sick visits contact via website
This I Believe: reformed Anglo-catholic independent My beliefs are actually quite liberal, I see value in Gnosticism, Nestorianism even Sufism! I am at heart firmly anglo-catholic, and believe in the sacramental nature of Worship, and also the special role of the priest in the mass. I view vatican II as deeply flawed, and think low altars(Cranmer's innovation) and westward facing celebrations are not in line with the continuing traditions of the church. I also strongly believe in the communion of the saints; It is of great comfort to many people to know they are worshipping in the same way as their fathers and forefathers. It is for these reasons that I am unable to accept women as Priests, even though I admire and respect the role of women in the early Church. The Anglican Church has erred on this and other issues and has unchurched many of its faithful. Although conservative on many aspects of Worship, I am a liberal reformer on many social issues; sexual equality is I believe vitally important; as is "Gay " ministry; The same Bible which proscribes Homosexuality also proscribes bacon sandwiches!(lev 11). The bible needs to be regarded in some senses as an ironic document and needs to be studied with a critical eye.
Favorite Quote: Il faut cultiver notres jardins




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