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novykh staret
Name: keith novykh ostrander
City: asylum
State: Yukon
Country: United States
Phone: 724-612-5385
Email: Send message
Web Site: None

Church: inner church of noykh rasputin
Occupation: flagellant...
Services Performed: i travel learning from, and ministering to those rare few that are open minded and accepting of the beliefs that i have come to know as truth...but, basically, however,...i find truth in the fact that i am just as lost as everyone else is...i must confess to perplexity, disbelief, confusion, the pretend facade of wisdom and false confidence in both myself and all mankind. restless nights, slacker days, and above all, a troubled,strengthening and painfully growing sense and recognition of my own mortality, and of the resolve and inner resolutions that i undertake to ignore and to combat that painful awareness...i am but a slave to emotion and a victim of my own vanity, and ,even more, an unwilling victim of my humanity...still, though, perseverence exists (with the constant comforting reminder of suicide as an alternative)...
This I Believe: my belief system is based upon the combined philosophies of paganism,wicca,hedonism,nihilism and existentialism,though i find that beliefs,as well as faith,can change and evolve as we wander through this a reincarnate, a former mouthpiece for God, a wandering staret, i find that everything is new, and yet, somehow, nothing really has changed....the past and present are only noticeable by the changes in environment, the people have all stayed the same. i think this profoundly disturbing, yet i find myself frowning at the shameless predictability of it all...what has my god been doing with all this time...with the centuries as a palette, why has he created no great works upon the aging visage of man's canvass? from the decadence and the blessed sins of turn of the century st. petersburgh to the glaring debauchery and unchecked hedonism and vanity of this ridiculously liberal new age, i see no new spiritual beings, no real progress from man, i see nothing , save the same old shams, cons and typical sins passed on throughout human history, and if anything, i see that the sins of man have grown stronger and more widely accepted, even through the hypocritic eyes of the same church that once strived so hard to make those of my ilk into devils and witches...without sin there can be no redemtion, yet, still i see that man continues to sin not for reason, truth, or the understanding of his own tainted soul, his own flawed form, he sins not for enlightenment as i do,he gains no new insights or perspective onf his condition,man has lost touch with the gifts of sin,it has become sin without reason,for the sheer spectacle of it all, man sins simply to achieve his own selfish goals, to please his own selfish needs, to fulfill his own selfish primality, his animalistic lust and bitterly inherent greed... true, the sins haven't changed,wickedness varies not through time, only environment differs, but his understanding of those sins should have evolved along with mankind itself. yet, only the opposite holds true, man has de-evolved spiritually, and this new age of liberal apathy and deliberate lack of spiritually rendered self- knowledge truly saddens me....have they learned nothing from the faces of their fathers, from the struggles and tribulatory sufferings of the past? did those who fought and died at the hands of ignorant thought imprisoning governments and the spirit strangling constraints of the falsely pious church, did they, or their lives stand for nothing? has mine stood for nothing? and what of yours,dear reader? has your life amounted to naught,save a cellular battle of age and survival against environment? has no ground been gained upon the spiritual front within? true, my past lives, and the one in which i now exist, have all relished and celebrated the excesses and pleasures of decadence and lusty sin, but there is no ignorance, no animalistic blindness in all of this. my sins, and all sins, have the truest purpose, real meaning, blessed lessons, even, and their very nature, the lessons of immorality, of decadent excesses, of carnality, of pleasures of the flesh,of the bottle, of alchemy and of science, of the mind and body both,these sins contain the truest essence of redemption, of forgiveness, of the light, of the very understanding of God. for only by a deeper understanding of sin can we truly evolve, can we honestly grow into beings that have the right to brazenly come face to face with our own spirit and come away without being blinded by the brilliant visage of God. simply put,through sin comes forgiveness, from forgiveness comes the light, and from the light comes the love of God. more simply put, without sin there can be NO forgiveness for even the most flagellant among us. a deeper understanding and realization of sin must be experienced in order to truly become a spiritul being. while on this earth, whilst in the midst of this life, we must not avoid sin, we must wallow in it, we must live in shame so as to become shameless, we must dwell in the most immoral of acts, revel in them,savor their excesses in order to posess the knowledge to truly accept the forgiveness and love of God. it is ONLY through sin that redemption is possible. one cannot be forgiven, and for that matter, one does not have the right to ask God for absolution for sins and acts that he hasn't even commited a deeper understanding of. the act of sin is A GIFT given us, so that we may experience the accompanying absolution. he who strives to live without sin has no right to ask for the gift of absolution, he has not EARNED it, he has no cause for forgiveness for sins he not only hasn't commited, but those he doesn't truly understand.the orgasmic knowledge and swift vision of epiphanies never come to the guarded mind or to those free of the knowledge of opposing sin. for that matter, those who distort these views, nay, these truths, by wallowing in sin WITHOUT the understanding of reason, of learning, without striving for blessed redemption, these people are no better than ignorant animals. there must be reason, there must be an understanding of sin, of the very nature of sin, while the act is taking place, otherwise the entire process of learning,of attainment and of realization is wasted and lost to hedonism. great pain is power, great pleasure is power, and the lasting impression of both experiences when coupled with spiritual knowledge leave one with an experience that can NEVER be erased,compromised or compared and one that truly strengthens to an impenetrable force with each subsequent event of experience. it is easier to retain the memory experienced during an orgasm or at knifepoint than it is to read a scripture or to memorize passages within a cold monastery. sudden epiphanies during the midst of pleasurable immorality and sin are as equally strong as those encountered during great pain and unbearable memory, too, is strengthened by these acts and imprinted firmly upon the mind's eye as surely as a chisel upon marble.memory and association are firmly refined and forged by the fires of sin far better than any church or classroom could ever dream of. hedonism without reason is simply ignorance...i wish i could tattoo that truth on the arm of every newborn baby, paint it with the blood of a thousand lambs upon every city wall, carve it into every hillside and have it etched into every stony cliff face the world over as scars of remembrance of the most simple and powerful of truths. again: HEDONISM WITHOUT REASON IS IGNORANCE!! there must be an understanding of ones own sins in order for any growth, spiritual or otherwise. long have i screamed with my own life,through my own actions that experience of sin is necessary, is imperative, even, for true redemption,for absolution,for atonement,for cleansing, for saving, for knowledge, to quell the hunger of a starving soul with the experience of sinful enlightenment, yet in this apathetic, godless and selfish age, man does not seem to learn, to gain from his sins,he seems blissfully unaware of the rewards and in the contented confines of eons-old ignorance,brought upon by the maddening silence of God,again he sins simply to sin...
Favorite Quote: "Although you may think me mad because of it, I just think differently and some of the trivial elements of life that absorb so many do not affect me." -grigory yefimovich rasputin When I go to confession I don't offer God small sins, petty squabbles, jealousies... I offer him sins worthy of forgiving!" - grigory yefimovich rasputin

poetry, musings, ramblings of a madman, etc.



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