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Name: Cynthia 'Olympias' Wilson
City: Roswell
State: New Mexico
Country: United States
Phone: None
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Church: Temple of Hekate's Torch
Occupation: Strix Priestess
Services Performed: Moon, Feast, and holy day celebration rituals, child presentations, handfastings, marriages, rites of passages, Pagan prison inmate correspondence, divination, and consultation.
This I Believe: We are the Strix. We are as the Owls of Athena and the torches of Hekate, seeking to preserve the best of the ancient Mysteries. We are kin to the Streghe, sharing the same roots, the same origins, the same ideals, and the same future. They learned from the Wise Ones of Eleusis and Samothrake, and they brought us into the Company of Benevento. We are a Sacred College of Priests and Priestesses. All Strix strive to live their lives under the aegis of Honor, Truth, and Responsibility. We are rooted in both faith and practicality. Whilst offering respect to all the Gods and all the Goddesses of all the Pantheons, we work within a specifically Hellenic current. The tutelary head and protecting Goddess of our Ways is the Lady Hekate, She who wields the torch and the key of knowledge and the snake of power. We hold to the tenet that our Gods and Goddesses are REAL. They are active in the world, plumbing the depths and soaring the heights of the human experience. They seek the restoration of the Elder Covenant, in fulfillment of the last Prophecy of Delphi, that Immortal and Mortal alike walk hand in hand in a new age of Gold. We believe in Magic as an inherent gift of the Gods to humanity, and in the validity of Oracular Prophecy. Insofar as all Gifts from the Gods are double-edged blades, we temper our faith with reason, accepting full responsibility for our Works and Deeds. We are not of the Wicca - though there are similarities between us. We are not Hellenismos, nor Hellenic - though we share similarities. As a Temple of the Thessalian Strix Craft, Hekate's Torch further believes in being of service to humanity. To this end, we offer networking and outreach to our communities, as well as education to seekers along the greater Pagan Path. To this end, we echo the maxim carved upon Hekate's shrine in Caria. En Erebos, Phosphos! In Darkness, Light!
Favorite Quote: "In Darkness, Light"

Links: Temple of Hekate's Torch on Yahoo
Temple of Hekate and Tarot by Olympias
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