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Name: Barbara Meyer-Spidell
City: Murfreesboro
State: Tennessee
Country: United States
Phone: 414-333-3334
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Church: None
Occupation: Classical Vocalist, Prayer, Meditation Student, Theologian, Writer
Services Performed: Musical Services: Taize--French Gregorian Chanting. Pre-ceremony mediation & confirmation. Extensive Gospel, Christian, Popular, Catholic, World, Italian, Latin Music Knowledge Choir Leader (not a pianist but a seasoned music leader, can handle crowd singing and prompting) Able to provide specific presentations, such as lecture on Christianity (discuss The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, & Mary the Mother of Christ, and World Religion--Imbulc is an Irish Rite of Spring--Easter Season Pagan Holiday with ritual and chants that give glory to women and femininity. Completes works through concepts of divinity, and incorporates, faith, charity, mercy, love, and hope. Can help people understand abstract religious principles. Can help facilitate any pre ceremony divinity workshops. Can teach anone how to cantor, and approach religious music studies. Commitment Building Workshops. Designed a student program that teaches boys and girls how respect each other's bodies and understand the difference of cultural impacts affecting their opposite sex. Efforts focus on removing gender bias, yet instilling understanding about differences in gender perception, and how to interpret love chemistry, and can take religion to science, we pick saints to role model and can develop an education systrem that will carry your child through their formative years and into college--I also have a peace impact program. How to avoid leaving a negative foot print on society: How to correct what I have done counseling services. I can work with those formerly incarcerated, MUST provide complete background on violent crimes of citizen, and student patron.
This I Believe: Sacred, Peaceful in Action. Focus is on Rejoice & Recognition of Vast Divine Power, all being and seeing living God. Depth of Understand the Spirit, and the Soul and able to discuss differences. If you would like reach a level of spirituality in the service, you must be prepared to receive. If you would to go and tap into the Soul--then you have another variety of services. I believe that people must release when they grieve. I have been in circumstances of resurrection of the human body. I have been involved in services in large assemblies--and would like to cater intimate settings where the people involved are not sure about the variety of divinty, intensity, and or flourishment is involved. If a person is deep, we go deep. If the person was imperfect, we meditate together, and accept, and work on forgiveness messages and concentration. I believe in the power of prayer, laying of the hands, and holy spirit and up through ritual and soul depth building approaches. Am flexible, can refer to other holy books, can include important passages brought by the people involved in religious ceremony.
Favorite Quote: My favorite quote is probably your favorite quote. We. Love. You. Think about it. I push this message into your heart and may it rise up your chest into your mind. Accept this love. Now. Freely.

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