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Sister in Peace,Anna Marie
Name: Anna Marie Daniels
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Country: United States
Phone: None
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Web Site: None

Church: Our World and Universe
Occupation: Spiritual Life Coach,Social and Injustice Advocate
Services Performed: I myself Practice daily random acts of kindness,Giving to the less fortunate,Give moral support and positive encouragement to those that need it.Providing counsel to those that come to me seeking honest and practical advice.To know that whatever you may share with me will never be used against you.Nor will I ever judge you if you feel comfortable divulging your secrets.It's not my place to judge,I am here to be supportive to give you the encouragement you need to be a better you,to help you find the resources in your area to assist you in things you may need.I know all too well what it's like to have nothing.I also know what it's like to be homeless and not being able to get into shelters because they're all full.I have noticed thou that clergy seems to be able to advocate for a client to get into one and they get in.I want to be an advocate of whatever you need one to be in..
This I Believe: I believe in positive reinforcement.I believe in building people up so they can see their potential that others see in themselves.I believe in loving all mankind,we all are brothers and sisters walking along a path together.I believe that we all are spiritual beings having human experiences.I believe in love without prejudice,I believe there is good in all of us no matter what we have done in our lives.It's time to forgive ourselves and be at peace with the inner demons.To fight the demons and confront them to be at peace.I believe in the appreciation of nature and the wonders of the universe.I believe that I have the voice for those that can't speak.Whether it be a child,a friend, or an animal.I advocate for what's near and dear to me.Such as the prevention of child abuse,making stricter child abuse laws,to see child welfare reform,to put the end to animal cruelty,To stand up for what's right,to right the injustices in the world.Don't be a bystander and a gawker if you see something wrong or amiss step up and right it.I do this a lot in my daily life.
Favorite Quote: For everyday is a new day to make a better you.

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