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Name: Nicholas Wernicke
City: Racine
State: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Phone: None
Email: Send message
Web Site: None

Church: None
Occupation: Driver
Services Performed: I make myself as available as I possibly can in order to assist people seeking guidance in the Wiccan/ Pagan Faith. Especially newcomers searching for others of a like mind, A problem I myself had when I first discovered the craft. I am willing to teach, organize rituals, and perform weddings & other various services associated with paganism. People of the pagan community can be tricky to find,so at the very least I see it as my responsibility and duty to be available to the people in my area searching to find answers, without a clue of where to begin looking,so I can Direct those seeking to a place to learn and people to connect with,so they might finally find a place to fit in with others of a like Mind.
This I Believe: I am a believer and follower of Nature based spiritually of all teachings that can be associated to Paganism.The main Focus of my experience and Training would be defined as Eclectic Wicca, Including my Initiation. I respect,honor and believe in all gods and goddesses. I also believe in magick in the way that the human mind can create,aim and put to use the energy that makes up all existence possible. In Other words everyone can do anything they set their mind to, If you just believe in your ability
Favorite Quote: Success is never final and failure is never fatal, its courage that gets you through -Author Unknown

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