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Name: Dr Peter Jones
City: Johannesburg
State: None
Country: South Africa
Phone: 27010234431
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Web Site: None

Church: Divane Light Ministry
Occupation: Presiding Minister
Services Performed: Weddings (Registered Marriage Officer), marriage blessings, baby/child naming ceremonies,counselling, family & divorce mediation, funerals,hospital & home visits etc.
This I Believe: I believe, in a universal divine source, exemplified by compassion and empathy. I understand that this divine source is commonly referred to by many humans as God: but that any appellation is merely descriptive of the inherent ‘multi-facetedness’ of such divine source. I believe that truth can be found in all religions. I believe, that all who pray address the same divine source, or God. I do not condemn those who believe in the same universal divine source, God, but express that belief in different ways. I believe, that those who invoke religion to divide us, one from another, serve neither the divine source, God, nor human kind. I believe, that how we live is a truer expression of faith, than any prayer we recite in public. I look to the divine source, or God, for wisdom and calm. I am far more concerned with whether I’m on God’s, the divine source’s side, than whether God, the divine source, is on mine. The God, or divine source, I believe in is not biased, nor is the divine source, God, a tool of the ambitious. There is no select representative or group of God – only people of God. I believe, that God, the divine source, does not ‘tell’ us what to do; rather that we have been enabled with minds, to use to think for ourselves, and to help to improve the human condition. I believe the human condition counsels humility in belief. I I believe, that even if we deem the world’s scriptures to be infallible, humans are not. I believe, that in the world, filled with its inherent dangers, religious absolutism, at its worst, breeds hatred and violence. I believe, that professing faith without works, is empty.
Favorite Quote: All paths lead to the top of the mountain. It does not matter which one we choose

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