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~Alabama ~Maiden~Mother~Crone~
Name: Nightmare Alabama
City: Lake Stevens, WA
State: Washington
Country: United States
Phone: 360-399-9578
Email: Send message
Web Site: None

Church: The House of Earth
Occupation: Artist
Services Performed: Wedding, baptism, handfasting, re-dedication, and funeral services. Spiritual counseling and healing readings. Arbitration and dispute resolution. Art therapy guidance. Animal phobia work. Emergency resource specialist.
This I Believe: I believe in the God and Goddess, and also believe we are they, and they are us. We all carry pieces of both, and all to often forget that in the hubub of every day life. I am very reverent of nature and the life force flowing around and through us. I believe in karma and do my best to harm none in the way I live my life. Forgiveness, compromise, and boundaries are essential life skills that can be hard to learn. However, I believe they save us from resentment and personal hell, which avoids angst and in turn tunes our energies and allows them to focus and resonate peace and harmony. Everyone around us benefits from this simple concept. I love life and art, and the beauty and ugliness of both. I believe that marriage is forever, and that love can last the ages. I believe that personal reflection and meditation leads to spiritual health that heals the body and heart. Love will one day overcome the hate in this world!
Favorite Quote: Every man dies, not every man really lives!

Links: My personal jewelry and fine art web business card



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