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The seal of Recognition. (GRAND CHAPTER)
The Guardian of the Gate.( Of Secret Knowledge)
The Eye Of Ra (Member)
L.V.X. I.N.R.I
International Member Order Of Illuminati
Kalifan Muur
I claim My Nationality as a Kalifan Muur My True Nationl name is El Ameer.
Name: El Ameer
City: Atlantis
State: Texas
Country: United States
Phone: None
Email: Send message
Web Site: None

Church: The Temple of Nuwbun Atlantis' (Grand Chapter)
Occupation: Grandmaster & High Priest
Services Performed: Ageless mystery school teachings.(Alchemy/Quballah) Chapter Initiation(for new chapter members only) International Charity for the poor.Marriage couseling and Motivation Speaches.
This I Believe: The belief system was pass down from the Ancient Olmec Nuwbun this system is not part of the Quballah this system is thousands of years befor the Quballah.(I Claim My Nationality as a Muur Moorish American Born In Kalifa named After the Great Queen Kalifa.I am A Kalifan Muur and Fall under the Al Maroccan Treaty)
Favorite Quote: Forgive those if you want to be forgiven.L.V.X Light & Love

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