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Name: Stephanie Blaine
City: Alexandria
State: Virginia
Country: United States
Phone: 703.914.0376
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Web Site: None

Church: Mannaheim Kindred
Occupation: None
Services Performed: Monthly worship services; annointing the sick, blessings for special occasions, bereavement assistance
This I Believe: We ascribe to Tribal Values and have regular rituals that center on the Northern Mystery Tradition, the Elder Futhark Runes, the Heathen Liturgical Calendar, the Poetic and Prose Eddas, as well as the Northern (Germanic, Norwegian, and Scandinavian) Myths and Deities. Our tribal Values are: 1. Autonomy; 2. Cooperativeness; 3. Courage; 4. Generosity; 5. Honor; 6. Hospitality; 7. Family; 8. Frankness; 9. Friendship; 10. Moderation; 11. Simplicity; and, 12. Steadfastness. We are family (children) friendly. We have many ongoing activities including Drumming, Crafts (soap making, mead brewing, textiles, etc.), Environmental Stewardship, Camping and Intellectual Discussions. We have two monthly worship services. Tribal Values Sunday is a once monthly 35-minute service followed by coffee and socializing. The Heathen Liturgical Blots services are longer and include a pot-luck feast one Saturday a month. These events are rarely held the same weekend.
Favorite Quote: What happens when one dies is largely contingent on the state of consciousness one has developed at the point of death. To survive death in a conscious way, one must be conscious of one's own death. The survival of the self beyond the limits of a single lifetime is the essence of the meaning of "Valhalla"- the "Hall of the Fallen". This is why it was important in ancient times for a man to be in a state of hyper-consciousness at the moment of death (for example in battle); and why a 'straw death' (in an unconscious or sleeping state) was abhorred by the warrior or magician. On the other hand, those who wanted only to be re-absorbed into the womb of Hel- to be organically (if unconsciously) reborn in another lifetime are certainly obliged as a matter of natural process of the Norns. Edred Thorsson

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