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Name: Dana Zeno-Gabriel Zakharov
City: Brooklyn
State: New York
Country: United States
Phone: 845-608 0971
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Church: Temple of Shiva
Occupation: Minister/Organizer/Activist/Devotee/Dancer/Wizard
Services Performed: -Initiation -Comfort -Help with necessary resources for life (food, shelter, cloth, health care, education, etc) -Rituals -Spells -Exorcism -Funerals -Births -Weddings (spiritual once; not permitted to wed yet in NYC) -Divorces -Immigration -Minority acclimatization -Homeless and poverty services -Human Rights -Animal Rights -Family separation -Family reconcilliation -Monk and nun training -Grief services -Dating for marriage -LGBTQ rights and opportunities -Sacred Performance Arts
This I Believe: Our temple is universal, interfaith, non-denominational, non-sectarian Temple for all. Our main God is Lord Shiva, and form, Hindusim and tribal, native, ethnic and cultural traditions of the world, especially the East (Mongolia, Eastern Europe, China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and many more), Gypsy, Pagan and own understanding and love for the Divine. We focus on the serious structuring aspect of life; seek to discover our divinity through Karma Yoga and Bhakti yoga. Often the moon and dark side of life are not fully understood: we don't shun it, we embrace it, and in fact we celebrate it and work with it. We seek to work with Lord Shiva and his message; channel the energies, evolve and grow beyond our limitations. We work both with daily need of the people (such as necessary services) and with their spiritual aspirations and needs. We provide a variety and degree of levels of involvement, from being parishioners, to participants of rituals, to helpers, to becoming monks and nuns in the temple.
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