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Name: Graham Cross
City: Hill Top
State: None
Country: Australia
Phone: 0414 408 899
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Web Site: None

Church: Christian Mystics and Gnostics
Occupation: Holistic Counseller/Reiki Healer
Services Performed: Holistic Counselling - Meditation Classes - Reiki/Natural Energy Healing - Hypnotic Healing - Baby Namings & Adult Baptisms - Non-Denominational Weddings - Renewal of Vows - Commitment Ceremonys - House Blessings
This I Believe: I believe in one God (a supreme being) comprised of a Holy Trinity (a ying + a yang + love). I believe that God is everything and that everything is part of God and that you and I and everone else are children of God. I believe it is wrong to use God's name as a swear word, a cuss word or in any other manner that does not show praise and respect to him. I believe that everyone should have at least one day off per week for mental, physical and spiritual health. I believe that children are precious and should be nurtured and that the middle aged and elderly are the custodians and teachers of our recent history and have contributed to making our society what it is today and for this alone they deserve our honour and respect. I believe we should not take another's life in anger or for profit. I believe in an eye for an eye. I believe we should not seduce another's wife or husband. I believe that we should not steal another's physical or intellectual property or their emotional stability or their human rights. I believe that we should not lie about others or cause them social mis-justice through falsehoods. I believe that we do ourselves harm if we lust after another's family, lifestyle or goods whether we act on this lust or not.
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