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Name: James Arrvia
City: Galena
State: Illinois
Country: United States
Phone: 630-466-1102
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Web Site: None

Church: Universal Life Force Spiritual Center
Occupation: Investigator / Minister
Services Performed: All duties of the Ministry.
This I Believe: I follow the ways of a warrior. My beliefs foundation is that of the Way of the Samurai / Bushido, Jedi, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto, as well as the tolerance of all religious and spiritual pursuits. Call it if you will a Hybrid “Universal” spiritual philosophy. I believe there is balance in everything. Remember the strongest warrior you will ever encounter is “Yourself”. I am a Freemason and hold steadfast in the belief that there is a brotherhood where all men no matter what background are all equal under a universal power. The Supreme Being is the Universe itself. I do not believe in forcing someone's will to adhere to the restrictions of a single religious or spiritual concept, but I do believe in defending to whatever degree necessary a person's right to free will as well as free thought. There is always action or in-action but consequence for either, one must acknowledge that this will always exist. My / our spiritual center is that of an intellectual pursuit of a “Universal” awareness in that there is a power that makes all of us of moral and ethical mind, to what degree is that of personal choice. I believe we all know the difference between right and wrong / good and evil and that its pursuits can be mired by the complexities our physical existence gives us. To this end our quest begins and if you wish to travel the same road, know that there are others who travel it with you. There is a Universal Life Force although ever present around you is in you as well and that is the ultimate quest.
Favorite Quote: "The Mind is Everything, What You Think... You Become" Buddha

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