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Name: Kimberly Glaser
City: Elburn
State: Illinois
Country: United States
Phone: 630-217-9729
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Church: None
Occupation: Wedding Officiant, Ordained Minister 1998, Priestess - Self Employed
Services Performed: Wedding Officiant, Ordained Minister 1998, Priestess - Ceremonies and Rites written and/or performed, Weddings, Handfastings, Blessings, Vow Renewals, Sabbat and Esbat Celebrations, Drummings, Seasonal Celebrations, etc., Wedding Venue, Receptions Venue, Spiritual Gatherings, Parties, Nature Sanctuary, Tree Farm - Please call or email me for more info
This I Believe: I am a Priestess of over 30 years, an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Wife, Mom and Grand mom. Our home is Ancestral Blessings Sanctuary, a beautiful place that we love to share. I have 4 children, 3 Granddaughters, 3 Grandsons and am married to a wonderful man. My Path has changed much over the years, and is rather eclectic...with very strong Native American and Druid tendencies, and quite a bit of witchy stuff thrown in. I use what works for me and don't concern myself much with tradition, culture or spiritual discipline. This Path (as I continue to discover it) is a "Healers" Path, in many senses of the word. For me, "Healer" encompasses Minister, Herbalist, Counselor, Friend, Lover, Mother, Wife, Sister, Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath, Teacher...I think the list could fill this page. Put simply, it is a Path of Love, change, acceptance, willingness, growth and learning......always learning. My Spiritual Path is my way of is how and where I live. It weaves itís way into and through every task and each moment of my day...and even into my dreams. For me, this is what makes my Path genuine. My Path is who I am. And I feel that it is very important for each of us to find our own unique Path no matter which tradition we follow. The tools, spells, recipes, power objects etc., even the rituals themselves are as individual as the Seeker performing them. There is no right or wrong way, only the way that is right for the individual. Therefore, the Mysteries of the Universe will not be found in a book, or the wise words of one person. They are found everywhere and within each being; it is for us to choose to take notice. It is my experience that each significant person or event in life, will teach us something of value to our Path if only we listen and look. All Paths are but spokes on the Wheel...all leading to the same Center. I read the Tarot for myself and others. I use the Tarot as a tool to go within and as a focus for readings and Spiritual counseling. I am very empathic and intuitive and I often see and hear Spirits during sessions. Though others describe me as psychic, I'm just not comfortable using the word in these days of telephone and internet psychics etc., that is not how I use my gifts. I love working with animals...they are so open and honest and SO much easier to read! To me there is absolutely nothing more rewarding than helping critters work through their issues.
Favorite Quote: "May the fruit of our lives be bound and sealed to Thee, O Mother, O Woman Eternal who holdest the inmost life of each of Thy daughters between the hands upon Her Heart..."

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