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Name: Edvins Augusts
City: Tucson
State: Arizona
Country: United States
Phone: (520) 409-0370
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Web Site: None

Church: Universal Life Church
Occupation: spiritual counselor
Services Performed: I've been a member of the U.L.C. since 1997 and I perform Spiritual Counseling using more than 30 years of experience in various astrological and other divinatory methods from various traditions, including: natal astrology, transits, comparison of charts, and geographical astrology, on a 'suggested donation' basis, geared to help anyone and everyone who needs help from this valuable database of helpful knowledge.
This I Believe: The microcosm, with us in the middle of it, is wed to the macrocosm -- the heavens. This can be thought of as mechanistic cycles and patterns, but it can also be seen as something put into place by divine powers for human purposes. Humans are much more important, as individuals, than modern science would lead us to beliee. Moreover, I have seen countless examples of astrological synchronicity and 'coincidence' which led me to understand how our lives can be understood, better than by any other religious metaphor or teaching, and improved through using the highest principles of astrology, in analyzing one's natal chart, doing transits, comparing charts, and so on.
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