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Name: Pete Z.
City: Winston-Salem
State: North Carolina
Country: United States
Phone: None
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Web Site: None

Church: None
Occupation: n/a
Services Performed: Spiritual Direction, Prayer, Weddings (couple should do pre-marital counseling with a licensed marital counselor), healing prayer.
This I Believe: We believe that into a wonderful yet broken world, a man named Jesus came. After being baptized with the presence of the holy spirit, he began a ministry of compassion and justice, bringing liberation and healing to the poor and least powerful, though his compassion extended to the wealthy like Zachheus. The wealthy and powerful leaders of his day found him a threat and had him killed, though innocent. But he did not stay dead. He rose and His life, works, words, life, death, and resurrection have become known as the gospel. The major theme of his gospel was that the kingdom of God has arrived, our sins are forgiven, and we can now change and turn towards God. The early church was a faith community empowered by the holy spirit and a spirit of love to live life in the WAY of Jesus. They became known as followers of the way before the name was changed to Christian. VIA is a faith community that believes in following the way of Jesus and that this way is about a life of love and justice that must be lived communally. To love and be just to those around us naturally creates the bonds of community. We do not feel that our way of following Jesus is the only or best way for all people. Different communities in different places have embodied the way of Jesus in various ways. All have the same core message just different expressions. We invite all people whoever they are or wherever they are to join us. We live in a lonely and hard world and we want to be a faith community that helps transform it in a world filled with love and fair treatment for all.
Favorite Quote: Preach the Gospel, use words if necessary

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