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Name: Catherine (Kate) Baker
City: Sydney
State: None
Country: Australia
Phone: None
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Church: ULC - Life
Occupation: Minister & Clairaudient Psychic Medium
Services Performed: Baby Naming Dedications/Blessings Hand Fasting Life Partner Commitment Renewal of Vows Commitment Ceremonies
This I Believe: I personally believe... We are here upon this planet to learn the greatest lesson of all...the true meaning of love...genuine love for our fellow be-in's. No matter the form it takes, love is to be honored. It is the highest state of be-in we as the human can achieve. For love is the respect of all living creations, and is the pure heart of the Creator encased within our very existence. We are all borne of one Creator. Not one of us is to be more important nor be less valued than another, either by their skin, sexuality or stature. All are equal in the eye of the universe. There is far more to be-in a life, to our inner self than most allow themselves to know or to feel. We need to acknowledgr this and free ourselves mentally from the physical form. I also believe that each be-in here on earth is a searching/teaching/travelling soul, a sojourner upon the earth here only to learn our individual lesson/s. There are also those who come here simply to assist and/or to guide others in attaining spiritual understanding and knowledge in preperation for the return. Each must honor, respect this in another. Judge not your fellow man/woman... for you know not their lifes theme, their purpose nor their lesson. Each is responsible and answerable only to themselves and their chosen deity. There are many gates through which to enter into the higher realms, who are we that we should proclaim which another should enter by? All are to care for and do our utmost to assist great mother earth in her quest to sustain our lifeforce. It is a collective responsibility. We, in our true spirit form, are the very matter of all that ever was, is and will ever be. It is our duty to expand our human mind and heart to become one. I believe in you.
Favorite Quote: "Death is but the human be in's final gateway leading to the ultimate understanding of the purpose to this life - how sad to never know this... and to fear our own arrival!" Silver Queen

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