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Name: Daniel Arendt
City: Albany
State: Oregon
Country: United States
Phone: None
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Web Site: None

Church: New Pathway Ministries (ULC)
Occupation: Reverend
Services Performed: Interfaith inspirational/motivational speaking, Bible study, preaching Gospel, domestic and foreign peaceful social justice participation. Also, baptism,marriage,burial,renewals of love/vows...including civil unions where lawful.
This I Believe: Acceptance that it is impossible for our universe to have created itself ab initio from a vacuum, per our laws of physics and spontaneous generation, and belief that God as complete and final "intervention" gives us order, resources, and minds to do the right things to live as humans in progressive community with one another, with boundless creative energies, no one being naturally higher or lower in value to God than the next person. Examination of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), the most prominent global faiths claimed to arise directly from Divine personalities, with belief same support most other metaphysical if less Divinely-issued belief analogues, toward support that all peaceful religions and metaphysics are but ways of reminding us to do the sane, logical, right things for ourselves and others, with boundless creativity as long as harm, abuse, or mind control come to no one...the only religion God builds into us all. Thus, true proclamation of the Universal Life Church credo: Eternal Progression, A Fuller Life For Everyone, and To Live And Help Live...and to do the right things.
Favorite Quote: "We must, therefore, consider carefully what is suitable to times and places and persons, and not rashly charge men with sins".-St. Augustine Of Hippo, Doctor of Roman Catholicism, in Book III of his work 'On Christian Doctrine'.

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