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Witchcraft Mentors

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I want to take this opportunity to convey my insights about Witchcraft mentors. A mentor is said to be a trusted counselor, guide or teacher. Add Witchcraft to this and one has the makings of a marvelous companionship. One can generally and instinctively tell, and right away I might add, when they have found a mentor. There is something compelling in the way they talk to you that imparts enlightenment almost immediately. One finds an almost mystical charge that clarifies a need to know this person on deeper levels. One can just intuitively determine that they have a mentality that is of an elevated expression to one's own. The working of this type of person's mind becomes fascinating. This is someone one wants to share upcoming objectives with to find meaning. The message becomes clear. One must become daring in reaching out to them. One has found a person that can help bring them into individualism. But careful, one doesn't want too much effect too soon.

If you are lucky enough to find a mentor that you click with it's important not to put them too high on a pedestal making them into your paradigm of near perfection. That pedestal could come out from under them so that in their fall from grace someone could get hurt and that someone is most likely going to be you. Instead of thinking that your mentor has all the answers, it's important to remember that all humans are fallible creatures and can't be relied upon all of the time. Feed the need to teach not the ego. Otherwise you could find yourself in times of distress during disagreement. What if they defeat you in a contest of intellect and the forfeit is hard to take? Or you could find yourself at a point of being treated with animosity. Sometimes just plain spite plays a part between people. There may be times when you are reminded of your own shortcomings. Someone could disparage your mentor and you may find yourself in no position to defend them. What if you see your mentor give up or troubled with anxiety over not having an answer? They may just downright interfere with your plans or trouble you with questions for a change. They could start rumors about you. They could disgrace you in front of others for not living up to expectations. There are many reasons why one shouldn't elevate the status of their mentor too high. I've been there and think it's sound advice to keep them on a level playing field.

The Witchcraft mentor will take an interest in the one they are tutoring becoming gratified to a point beyond satisfaction. It's easy to tell if a Witch has found their own comfort zone. A good Witch teacher will be helpful and assuring that it's alright to follow your heart and seek after pleasure. They will want to aid you in ascertaining the hoped for results with your magick. They can guide you to success because they have found it. There is an underlying current that the knowledge of dualities prompts a drive towards peacemaking. If one is fortunate the mentor's generosity will be unbounded and the magick between the two won't dissipate. And not to worry if things at times seem to become dull. If you need them, they'll be there like an old friend.

It's a personal victory to coach a less experienced Witch on something new. It can be very stimulating to see them overcome their trepidation at trying something for the first time and finding a conquest of their own. A Witchcraft mentor can be your stronghold. Through sponsorship they are leading you to a place of personal power and realization. They express that health is important. They will show you that struggle doesn't have to last and that accomplishment comes with meeting complications fervorously. The changes they will help you make will bring equilibrium to your life. The knowledgeable Witch is savvy at salvaging themself from downfalls. Learn from the awesome effort that your mentor puts into their Craft.

At first you may feel a burst of energy with the connection to your newly found Witchcraft mentor. The relationship will probably help you acquire being a more proficient taskmaster and enduring performer. This is justly motivated as you've found someone to look up to and it sparks a need to be more agreeable with your own efficiency. It's OK if you feel a little dull compared to your mentor or are somewhat skeptical with them of your own spiritual needs. They are there to help you balance it all out. Don't become incapable of appeasement and they will do the best they can. It's good to try to hold back on anger with them because they are a person too. If not, they may postpone acting in your best interest in light of the fact that they may have to ponder their choices in order to find the correct move to placate your arousal. If your are the type of person that easily gets upset with someone who has more smarts you may find the relationship ending sooner than you thought. A Witchcraft mentor is capable of adapting to a lot of situations but they don't have to put up with childish behaviror and they can teach you why you don't either.

Don't be afraid to follow suggestions or good advice from your Witchcraft mentor,. We have to learn that taking risks is what brings results, How else are you going to find your own beauty and strength that you can already see reflected in the eyes of your chosen guide? If you want to make a good impression go for the gusto. You'll find your footing. And don't be disillusioned by their unselfishness, friendliness, sympathy, attentiveness and good-heartedness. They are risking betting on you and your growth is important to them.

So you come to the point where you find out that your Witchcraft mentor may be less than altruistic. It comes with the territory of the Craft. What a shock to learn that your mentor may at times lean towards being ruthless. Anyone who has ambitions in Witchcraft is going to have their moments where they are blunt or even insensitive. Witchcraft is an art and in its practice underneath the composed exterior lies an ardent desire. At times like these it's good to take note and learn a lesson on how subtlety can save you from potential explosiveness. If you should happen to be there to watch your mentor get out of hand it may be best to wait it out and afterwards ask them if it wouldn't be better to practice their extremism in private. Just know that everyone has the right to their feelings and opinions and that sometimes people don't practice their Craft just for the good of all mankind.

It is my hope that if you are new to Witchcraft or even just looking for one that I've given you some guidelines to knowing the proper mentor. My own mentor has been abundantly obliging, amiable, meticulous, considerate, kind and delightful and we have shared what is nearly a romantic relationship. Don't worry whether or not your relationship with a mentor is an interference to them. Even if it is they have their valid reasons for teaching you. In allowing them to help you they are helped in affirming their faith in themself. There's always more to it than meets the eye. Besides they envy your capacity to learn.

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