Paganish Wedding That Includes Non-pagans.


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Hey all,

I have decided, by popular demand, to post one of my wedding rituals on here, I hope everyone can enjoy, use, or modify however they please. In Utah whenever I run a wedding I tend to have a whole mixture of religions there and finding something that will please all involved has been trying but I have found that this is a very simple pagan wedding, without the whole ritual, that usually offends no one and makes the couple happy, so please feel free to use if you want. Though I do find that the couple tends to like it better if you cleanse the sacred space before everyone arrives. Of course I have many variations including other symbolisim, but this is the shortest one I use, though I will probably post others later on.

Now onto the ceremony.

<after bride has arrived>

Joyously we come together in the presence of those we worship to join <name> and <name> in the bonds of marriage. Blessed are those who in the eyes of deity come together in love to share all that they are, and blessings we ask for them. Now please <name> and <name> face each other and take each others hands.


<name> and <name> have written words they wish to say to each other.

<allow them to finish then continue>

<to the male>

<name> do you freely and without doubt take <female's name>, to build hearth and home, in joy and in trial, foreswearing all others? <after he agrees ask him to place the ring on her finger>

<to the female>

<name> do you freely and without doubt take <male name>, to build hearth and home, in joy and in trial, foreswearing all others? <after she agrees ask her to place the ring on his finger>

<retrive a cup or wine or some such from the altar behind you>

As you drink from this cup you do so pledge your love to one another, before family, friends and deity. From a single cup you drink to symbolize how you both become one in purpose and life.

<allow them to drink>

Before family, friends and deity you have pledged your love and life to each other and with the blessings of family, friends and deity we now welcome you into the world as man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.


As I said it is the short and dirty version of that ceremony. I hope that helps some out you out there and please let me know what you think. Both good and bad. I am always looking to improve.


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You have a really nice ceremony.

It is nice to be able to get together on this forum and share ideas. I appreciate hearing others ideas.

Hear is what I do. maybe it can help some one else.

I sometimes use the traditional wedding ceremony but leave out all references to a Deity. For example;

Dearly beloved we are gathered together to unite this man and this woman in matrimony.

As you can see I leave out the words God , Holy ,ect. throughout the entire ceremony.

People tend to hear what they want. Christians hear a christian ceremony. Pagans recognize it is not christian, and Jews appreciate not referring to Jesus . Every one is happy and thinks you have payed homage to their deity when in fact you have not recognized any particular deity. All of my ceremonies are pre approved by the bride and groom.

I do a personal wish (blessing?) for the couple also without invoking a deity.

Good Luck


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Yeah, I also do a few ceremonies that have no referance to deity. Though most people who ask me want some refferance to deity when they ask me. The best ones, and easist are when atheists ask me to.


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HEH! One does what one can. I have thought many times of writing a book on wedding ceremonies for all denominations just to see what is used. More then likely though no one would publish so I would have to do it, then self prmote it and I am just too damn lazy for that.


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Wow.. thanks.. Love and Peace

Thank you for including the pagan communties! I Myself have just recently been ordained but have been a practicing "Pagan" for aver 12 years :D Let me know if you need any help

Always in thier service Kattaluna

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