~ Why I'm Annoying At A Movie...

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~ I don't go to theaters, we rent when they're out.

My husband was reminded once again why!

Our local film store gets 'em early, so we watched Kong this evening.

Of course I wept at the end, I always weep at the end of a Kong film, you're supposed to.

It was my uncontrollable laughter during the middle part...

Several times it just got my giggles going.

Annoyed my husband quite a bit, but I couldn't stop.

That's why I don't go to theaters...

{Well, besides the fact I they don't do potty breaks}

because I'll annoy others that don't find funny what I do.

& I laugh loudly.

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A couple of weeks ago I bought a video projector on eBay and I now have the best of both worlds. It's got a number of inputs that will allow it to accept signals from most anything imaginable; DVD player, cable box, game console, HDTV device, VCR, computer, etc.

The quality of the picture is easily as good as any movie theater and the size is determined by how far the projector is from the surface it's projecting onto. Currently, I've got it by the foot of my bed, where it projects onto the wall above my headboard. The picture's about seven feet wide by five feet high.

Coupled with a five speaker plus subwoofer (5.1 channel) surround sound audio system, it's amazing. Definitely a WOW experience! I can sit in a chair or lie in bed, pause whenever I want, eat whatever I want, smoke whatever I want, make as much noise as I want, yada, yada, yada.

I may never go to a theater again.

Oh, and, King Kong was the first thing I watched on it (I found a copy of the DVD on the internet the day that it arrived). What a great movie that was. I'll be honest, re-makes usually leave me cold, so I didn't expect a lot from it other than good special effects. I was pleasantly surprised.

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How much $$ did that projector set you back? I'd rather just have a big TV though. I may get that next year.

With shipping, the projector along with a 72" screen (which I don't use - I just project it right onto the wall), was $750. It's an Infocus Screenplay 4805, which ordinarily retails for around $1100, but the manufacturer, Infocus, sells their refurbished units on eBay at a considerable discount. Plus, since I bought it direct from the manufacturer, I got a 6 month warranty on the screen, the projector, and the lamp.

Big TVs are nice, but the picture doesn't compare to projectors. A projector is brighter, has more vibrant colors, greater contrast, and can be watched from any angle. All the reviews I read about this particular model said that the picture was as good as a plasma TV up to ten foot diagonal. Once the picture size gets above 10' it starts losing quality. Of course, plasma TVs aren't available in a size anywhere near 10', and are thousands of dollars for a fraction of that size. Plus, this projector only weighs a few pounds, so I can take it anywhere - I've watched several movies with my neighbor at his house.

On the downside, to get the best picture, the room where the projector is in use needs to be somewhat dark. This is true of any TV, but even more so with a projector. For me, this isn't problem - being an insomniac, I've had heavy blankets over the windows in my bedroom for years. But, that isn't practical for everyone.

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A white sheet can hung anywhere and used as a screen. The first time I saw a video projector in use was two days after hurricane Katrina. A guy who lives down the street from me had a generator that he hooked his up to, along with a DVD player. Several of us non-evacuatees sat out in his driveway and watched a movie which was projected onto a sheet that was hung on his garage door. The picture was about eight feet high, and crystal clear. That's when I decided that I had to have one.

Bulbs are expensive. The bulbs that mine use are $300 and are good for 3000 to 4000 hours. I've been watching one or two movies a day, and at that rate the bulb it came with it will last about five years. Of course, if I were playing video games 10 hours a day then I'd need to replace it after a year.

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