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Izmir Stinger

Star Wars Episode Three

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Here we go


I resent that! I live in my parent's basement! :angry:

I think it's a movie, a work of fiction. Over analyzing it just takes away all the fun.

Reality is for people who can't cope with science fiction

Also, one of the short Jedi betrayal scenes took place on an unnamed planet with some very interesting flora, giant colorful flowers and fungi.

That was Aayla. Wonder if the planet was Ryloth?

From the beginning I thought it was odd that they were so enthusiastic about this "balance the force" prophecy because the Light Side Jedi were powerful and there were no known Dark Jedi.


When even good becomes too powerful, it can become complacent and fall to corruption and weakness. With no opposing force to test it, the light side becomes too confident in its own abilities, to assured of their rightness to question it. They may not even have understood this themselves, but remember in E2 when Mace is questioning Yoda on whether or not they should tell the Senate that they are losing their power? Think of the Roman Empire, for centuries so powerful that no other nation could stand against it. Eventually falling into its own decadence and destroyed by, of all things, barbarians. A simplified version of history, but at the core that is what happened. It's also why many cultures that have "destroyer" dieties do not neccessarily consider these dieties to be evil. Kalli, for example, is highly revered, because she destroys the old to make way for the new.

If I may make an anime comparison, if you've ever seen Record of Lodoss Wars, you're familiar with the Gray Witch (my avatar, BTW) In the history of Lodoss, Karla comes from a society of wizards that wished to create a perfect society and mastered all forms of magic. The wizards started off with good intentions, and for a while succeeded in bringing peace to Lodoss, but as they grew more powerful their ideas of good and evil became twisted, and eventually they fell into civil war and almost destroyed the entire people. Karla swore she would never allow any one force to ever grow so powerful as to take over the land again, and that they only way to protect the land was by making sure it stayed devided in order to keep all the various leaders from becoming too decadent and powerful. At one point she causes the death of the evil Emperor Beil to prevent him from taking over the land. At the end, when the heros destroy the evil Wizard Vagnard and there is no longer a strong evil leader to oppose them, she tells them they must kill themselves because now the side of good has grown to strong. When they refuse, she releases the evil goddess Kardis in order to bring good and evil back in to balance.

It actually all makes perfect sense if you twist your brain enough!


That actually makes quite a bit of sense to me. Thanks for posting that. :cool:

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