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Since Jesus spoke the words in the new testament, he has died, raised, and been seated on his throne. 


According Ephesians 1 and 2 we are seated with him and he has delegated kingdom power to his body which is us.


This means that some things in the future tense when Jesus spoke them are now past tense to us.

Considering these things, the message of Matthew 16:19 to us today is:


"I have given you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. What is allowed in heaven, allow on earth. What is not allowed in heaven, do not allow on earth."


Satan will try to snatch that out of your heart and ask you: "Did Jesus really say that?"


Remember, the serpent in like manner asked Eve: "Did God really say that?"


Stand, stand firm, stand therefore.......

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Yes, Jesus handed his kingdom power to us. I like where Jesus tells us in Luke 17:20-21, when asked when and where the kingdom of God will come, he answers that the kingdom of God is WITHIN us. Some bible translations had changed that to among us, but most all modern bibles are now going back to the original understanding, which is WITHIN us, as the Hebrew-Greek-English Interlinear Bible says. The older interpretation of among us, has a footnote, which at the bottom, says WITHIN us.


Why do I share this, or even bother to mention this?


It is my understanding that this is the very reason that Jesus died. He equated himself with the Divine Christ Light that was within himself. The Jewish Pharisees and Sadducees simply could not have that. Jesus was telling everyone who would listen that the kingdom of God, this Divine Light also animates everyone through our Spirit, without which we would be dead. That is why we are the body of Christ, the living kingdom of God here on earth.


Thanks for the opportunity to share. It's nice to be back.

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