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1 hour ago, Bones said:


Personally, none of it. Of course people are free to choose as they want, even if it's...exotic to say. 



You are making this overly complicated.  The video kept interviewing the followers.  Did they actually believe it was true?  They all had the same answer.  It doesn't matter if it's true.  If they wish to spend their lives, self aware that they are participating in a fantasy -- let them.  It's not my problem.  If it makes them happy -- well, bless them.  It's good to be happy.  Role playing games can be fun.  I like them.  Then I go home and live my real life.


I care about what's true.







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27 minutes ago, Bones said:

They do give free clitoris reconstruction, promote a reclamation of the swastika as a symbol of peace, and promote love. Of course in my opinion religion is an institution which does more bad than good, and any organization with the worship of a person alive is a recipe for disaster. 



Yes.  They do good in the world.  I am put off by the swarm of beautiful young women around Rael.  When Holy Men lead such groups -- I don't want to over generalize, but there it is.  They worship him.  when there is worship, is there really free will?  To me, it stinks of exploitation.  Did you notice how clean his white garments are?  I doubt the great man does his own laundry.




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