Types of Religious Faith: Theism, Deism, Pantheism, etc.

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I think this video is an interesting treatment.


What is the distinction between Deism and Atheism?  Deism has no revelation;  no scriptures;  no prayer;  No involvement from or with God.  God sets the Universe into motion, then wanders off.  It's practical Atheism without the dreaded Atheist word.  Does it matter if God has no involvement -- or no existence?  I don't think so.


What is the distinction between Pantheism and Atheism?  Speaking simply, Pantheism holds that God is everything and everything is God.  Speaking simply, Atheism is that there is no reason to take the God idea seriously.  That God is nothing.  Is there any real distinction between God is everything -- and God is nothing?  No.  Not really.  At least, none that matters.


Bottom line?  To my understanding, these labels are dishonest versions of Atheism.  That is, Atheism with a pretense of belief.





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