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Not believing in God, is not the same as believing in nothing.   Not caring about God, is not the same as caring about nothing.   These distinctions don't require genius.  It seems

Dan is always ready to define Atheism.  We are the people who believe in nothing.          Dan is always ready to define Agnosticism.  We are the people who know nothing.        Da

I understand.  Dan's comments are like a mosquito bite.  It's trivial but it itches.     When you have to vent, talk to me.  

6 minutes ago, damnthing said:

So, agnostic theist: a contradiction or an oxymoron?










An Agnostic Theist is someone who doesn't know that a god exists -- while believing that a god exists.


To my understanding, this is about hope.  Someone who wants to believe.  For instance

  • A Jew who wants God to be real, while having doubts.
  • A Christian who wants salvation through Christ, but has doubts.
  • A Muslim who wants to believe, but has doubts.
  • A Hindu who wants to believe, but has doubts.

Sometimes, people want to believe what they know isn't true.  They are honest that they don't know -- but they hope it is so.


Isn't that what religion is about?  Belief without knowing?  


So, no.  Not a contradiction.  Hope is not faith or knowing.


Not an oxymoron.  That would be something like "military justice".  If it's military, it's not just.  If it's just, it's not military.





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A contradiction.


"The agnostic believes only what is knowable. He rejects revelation and the doctrine of the Trinity as “past human understanding.” He is neither theist, deist, nor atheist, as all these are past understanding."


"A theist believes there is a God who made and governs all creation; but does not believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, nor in a divine revelation."


As I read it one can be either one or the other but not both.

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