Lesson 21 - Shamanism and the Development of the Spiritual Self

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This is a chapter dear to my heart, to be honest. I am currently in the Universal Healing Shaman path with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada. I have been following the Munay Ki Shamanic process and I must say that what this author, Dr. Dave Crouch speaks about is real and we have a lot to learn from our ancestors. 


We all have an inner shaman. If we go back to our lineage, we will eventually find there was a shaman in our DNA, somewhere, sometime. Just when I thought I new it all, I began my shaman path and found myself knowing nothing and starting from scratch, even bringing myself back to my Cuban Yoruba/Orisha background. I realized quickly how proud I truly was having my dad as a Tatainkisi and my sister as an Ikofa priestess and all the while, to be, I thought this was such a lower type of energy that I was truly floored. Not because of anything other than, in this Shaman path, I have been asked to go back to my roots. And now I know why. This lesson has confirmed all I have gone through. 


People keep referring to our minds as a layered onion. Quite the opposite, I want to say. Our minds are a multi-surfaced and porous sentient organism encased and living in another sentient and living organism called the body. This "meat suit" we carry ourselves inside is alive and is consciously aware of many things at the same time. 


When we look into the spiritual awakening (which BTW, this is a cause for celebration when prepared for it since childhood) and we take our conscious bodies, conscious minds, and conscious ethereal being,  once we stop resisting, we realize we all work together quite nicely. 


EVERYONE at some point in their lives seek the help of their ancestors, God, angels, etc., in prayer or when something makes them call out to them for help. So, I believe, we all have an inner Shaman that helps us along. After all, don't think for one minute that the Creator agreed to send you here without any help. You have an amazing Spiritual Protective Service. Yup! You do! And they are waiting for you to ASK for the help you need. Ask and you shall receive. We just have to stop resisting everything that is good for us. 


Spiritualism is growing so fast and furious that  you are seeing the modern day medicine man/woman (doctors)  get his/her "AHA" moments when they awaken themselves. There are so many of them now combining "holistic medicine", spiritual medicine and more alongside their conventional medicine. AND IT WORKS!!!! The patient does indeed surrender at some point and allows all healing to come to them. 


As a shaman, I will tell you that this author is correct when he states we receive acknowledgement from our Spirit Allies, Ancestors, Animal Allies, and more. But you don't get them given to you. You are born with them. They wait, just like your angels, to "turn on" their powers and become one with you. In the Shamanic way, we learn that our "helpers" are Archangels. How awesome is that? We then begin to truly see how "everything connects". EVERYTHING!


The author questions "what if", we could see the unseen and make contact. We do. Every time we meditate, every time we sleep, every time we practice stillness and think about doing this, it becomes that intention and then it flourishes into a manifestation. Why not? should be the question here. What happens here is that no one is taught since childhood that we have a SPS spiritual protective service and how to use them. We are not taught that we have ancestors in other realms and dimension, heck! we have celestial beings and other worldly beings in this galaxy and infinite other galaxies around this infinite universe that are here to help us. All we have to do is connect to the collective and there they are. They heal, protect, guide, train, teach, advise, consult and more. But we are condition to go another route. The road that is the hardest because? Everyone has their own reason, but not everyone has the same journey. 


Let's take the philosophy that we are all Sinners. If you take a bunch of children and teach them they are sinners in this world and need to ask God for forgiveness and that we are not worthy of anything unless we love a fear-based God who gets angry, jealous, etc., how do you think those children will grow up? By the same token, teach a bunch of kids they are not sinners, they were made by a loving and compassionate Creator, who wants them to live peaceful, loving and compassionate lives and that they are co-creators therefore, it is easy to live as God would by loving all and following commandments (because now it would be so stinking easy to follow them right?), how do you think these children will grow up to be? Precisely! 


The same goes with teaching children to meditate, to find control, to find love, and compassion, to learn about the functions of their chakras, to talk to the ancestors, spirit guides, inner shaman, and future SELF for guidance. What do you think will come of that? We would not even be looking at treating them with any psychological modality because there is no need to.  NLP is a wonderful tool for the unawakened and those having a hard time with awakenings. NLP, Hypnosis and Shaman Soul Re-arrangements, you can take care of a lot of problems with clients. Add a little Reiki to the pot and viola! Total human spiritual transformation!  The Shaman Soul Retrieval and Re-arrangement is equivalent to that of the author's explanation of Quantum-Speak where the quantum field is the theoretical alternate dimension that particles vanish to. We refer to these, in the  Shaman sense, as losing soul fragments in either the upper, middle or lower world. However, there is no just one dimension, there is an infinite amount. There is not just 3 worlds, there is an infinite amount. As luminous and infinite beauty beings, we are infinite copies in infinite worlds, existences, dimension and timelines. You really killed me though when you wrote, "if you hemmed and hawed over marrying your childhood sweetheart..." because I did. And we are both totally consciously aware that we designed this timeline with each other. That is how I know what I know. 


The author writes that in these infinite dimension, there are copies of us having a perfect life and some not so much. This is where we need to understand the importance of being awakened and consciously spiritually and physical aware of this and ask for our SELF for help in certain matters and for us ourselves to then reciprocate to the SELF that needs help. When we help one, we help all. When we heal one, we heal all.   However, we cannot forget that in this meat suit, we are in linear time. We must stay in the 3D world because that is what we picked to be in this pilgrimage. I have seen so many people get lost in the glamour they find in higher dimensions and they end up not so well and "lost" to everything. Of course, their meat suit is equipped to handle this overload. But that is another story altogether.


Hypnosis and NLP allows for the conversation to begin about how spirituality has "evolved". After all, spirituality is science no matter what anyone wants to think. If by using NLP and hypnosis we can activate a "grounded state" of the brain during transcendental meditation, it produces a "restful alertness (conscious awareness) with a markedly higher alpha power from the frontal cortex and lower beta gamma waves. Hmmm. Right? By creating an alpha coherence between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, enhances the patient's sense of "self". Here is the place we can work from and it proves great news for everyone. The fact that the MAYO clinic describes Trancendental Meditation as "relaxed, happy and focused" brain wave will prove that many modalities could work. Let's bring in all our spiritual protective services to light, I say.  Helping understand how to unlock infinite potentials in all of us. We are certainly loved in this universe.


Thank you.


Rev Mary Nunez

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I don't think of us as "meat suits" really. We're more like the sponges of the sea. With the vastness of the oceans, the sponge only absorbs and retains what it needs while being perhaps oblivious to the rest of what is in the universe around them. It is only if they are able to move or are moved that they may encounter something new. It is the movement itself that makes us different than sponges, though.

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