Reiki, Remote Viewing, and Long Distance Healing Homework

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           August 30, 2020


   I went into meditation to inquire as to if 2 of my friends were interested in Remote Healing. Both kindly blocked me.


   One feels her condition relieves her from the burden of having children in a violent world. Despite her condition being physically painful, she feels it gives her the advantage of the freedom of that worry.


   The other feels she is simply too old and there is no point.


   These experiences caused me to ask myself, "Where is my mind at with fully healing? We all as humans have something in need of healing so what are my blocks?"


   My answer, "The guilt of doing better than others; the fact I have already outlived most of the people I have loved the most; the fear of being in charge again because both management jobs I excelled at except for disciplining and managing the employees I was supposed to manage; and people from the past who told me I was wothless and would never get anywhere. Although I knew they were lying, I still sometimes allow their words to get in my way."


   Therefore starting now I am going to work on all of the factors preventing me from thinking I should not fully heal.


   Be well.




--Priestess Autumn Penn

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You're off to a good start.  At it's foundation, spiritual healing is simply about making "whole".  Alas, the world of energy healing is torn apart by the passions of division.


The world of Reiki is highly political.  My symbols -- my attunement process -- my lineage -- my training -- are better than yours. 


A lot of it is cultural.  Consider the three symbols of Usui Reiki.  The power symbol is about spirals.  This is primal.  Use of spirals in this type of work is useful in focusing the mind.  The other two symbols are Japanese kanji.  If your mind has a cultural connection to Japan, they might help.  Otherwise, not so much.  In my opinion.


New Reiki systems keep popping up.  All of them are the best.  Uh-huh.     :rolleyes:


Therapeutic Touch has made deep in roads into the Nursing profession.  It's roots are in Theosophy.  Therapeutic Touch (Krieger-Kunz) is elegant in it's simplicity and is one of the easiest, least complicated, energy healing methods to learn.  Alas, it is now part of the medical establishment.  It is still simple and easy to learn.  Credentials have become outlandishly complicated.  In presentation, Therapeutic Touch is now part of Nursing practice.  Or -- you can study at a Theosophy center.     :coffee:


Pranic Healing is now a movement in it's own right.  I find it overly complicated.  It works, but I think they made it way more complicated than they had too.  Worse, they are afraid of the energy.  They teach various ways to protect yourself from diseased bioplasmic energy.  It's interesting, but I think it's a mistake to start with this one.


New things are constantly coming along.  It's hard to keep track.  Their main feature, for my taste, is that they are the best healing system ever.  A prime example is Vortex Healing -- which is so much more powerful than Reiki.  What's powerful is the price.  When the price comes way down, I might investigate.  Until then, they can pull the feathers off another pigeon.     :birgits_giggle:


A final word of advice.  Have an open heart, but don't get fleeced.  Any group can promise you the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.  These things are not theirs to deliver.









Edited by Jonathan H. B. Lobl

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