Hello....A Little Nervous About This New Journey

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Hello All. I just became ordained and am a little nervous about this journey I am undertaking. I experienced the call about 6 years ago but did not follow up. I guess I had to wait until I felt I was ready. I feel sort of like a little fish in a big pond....or lake. However I am very excited and very happy the ULC found me. I say "found" me because I had never heard of The ULC til the day it popped up online. It caught my interest enough to research and decide to join. I took it as a sign. Everything feels so right. 

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Welcome to the family. Yes, we truly are a family. We laugh, share, support and bicker with each other all the time. But always, we enjoy the freedom of our experiences and fellowship along our journey to learn whatever it is that we wish to understand about our belief systems and each other.

Again, welcome and blessings to you.

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