Creating Sacred Space: My Main Home Altar

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   My main home altar is a simple, inexpensive setup but I love it and I feel it works well for me.



   Ma Kali is my patron deity because I view Her as The Liberator and The Slayer of Demons. I feel She helps one help the self battle and destroy both external enemies (metaphorical demons such as dangerous or problematic people & unsafe or difficult places) and internal enemies (metaphorical demons such as whatever is posing as a hindrance in one's life within on a physical, psychological, and/or spiritual level). Thus items to represent Ma Kali were fun to look for and easy to find due to her connection with the skull.



   In quick summary, the items on my main home altar consist of the following: a skull cup I use to contain liquid offerings to Ma Kali during ritual; a skull mug I use to hold my boline which is merely a small knife I use to carve candles during any candle magic I may perform; 4 small white candles representative of the 4 Elements of Earth/Air/Fire/Water and representative also of the 4 seasons here in the Northern Hemisphere; and an altar bell which I use to commence each ritual.



   Thank you for your time and I hope you are well. Peace unto you.



---Priestess Autumn Penn

Home Altar.jpg

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