The Clearing of Places and of People Pt. II: Via Music

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II. The Clearing of People and of Places Via Music Research

July 23, 2020



   I am a Music Mage. Thus, I already have a ukulele; a digital keyboard; a wooden kazoo, a moon-shaped tambourine, a bronze ritual bell; and a simple frame drum.


   I decided to listen to YouTube samples of instruments I have always been curious about using but knew little about. I listened to sound samples of the following: the bullroarer; the 3-bell sistrum; the Conch Shell horn; ankle bells; and the tongue drum.


   I would like to try out most of these at some point with the exception of the bullroarer since I would need such a large amount of space in which to use it; it is not an indoor area instrument. 


   Some I may attempt to make by hand, such as the 3-bell sistrum and the ankle bells.


   Thank you for your time and your listen. Be well.


   Priestess Autumn Penn

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