The Clearing of Places and of People Pt. I: Via Sage

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I. The Clearing of Places & of People with Sage

July 23, 2020



   I prepared homemade Sage Water for the very first time during the full moon. This is how I went about the 
process below.


1 Picked the Sage.
2 Cleaned the Sage.
3 Put it into a clean glass jar.
4 Covered it in water.
5 Sat it in my windowsill the night of the full moon (June’s full moon).
6 Allowed it to sit for 3 nights & 3 days.
7 Strained out the Sage.
8 Poured the Sage Water into a clean, new spray bottle.
9 Have allowed friends to use it to cleanse any objects they are nervous over and I have chanted “Kyrie Eleison Christe Eleison” over such objects.
10 Kept it in my fridge in between uses to preserve it.



   I was unaware I was supposed to add sea salt. After reading my homework, I now am aware to add it next time.



   My landlord grows plenty of herbs on the property with Sage being one of them. Sometime soon, I will harvest some Sage after I research how to preserve it.


   Of course, since I am still a learner, I welcome constructive criticism. 


   Thank you for your time and be well.


   --Priestess Autumn Penn








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